The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal by Karsten Müller (Muller)+

The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal: Learn from the Legend by Karsten Müller, Raymund Stolze
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Overview: Mikhail Tal was one of the greatest geniuses of chess history. The magician from Riga, as he was known because of his dazzling attacking games, took the chess world by storm and in 1961, at the age of twenty-three, he won the world championship.

His sacrificial style made Tal immensely popular with chess players all over the world. In this book Grandmaster Karsten Muller and chess journalist Raymund Stolze have created an instructional chess tactics guide by investigating and explaining the secrets of his breathtaking combinations. Moreover, the authors have selected from the games Tal played one hundred exercises which will teach amateurs how they can finish a game with a stunning sacrifice.
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