The Man Who Climbs Trees

The Man Who Climbs Trees
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Date: 2018-05-22
ISBN-10: 1328473058
ISBN-13: 9781328473059
Language: English
Pages: 272
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A professional tree climber encounters gorillas, snakes, spiders, and birds of prey, as well as answers and perspective, hundreds of feet up, all over the world

Every child knows the allure of climbing trees. But how many of us get to make a living at it, spending days observing nature from the canopies of stunning forests all around the world?

As a wildlife cameraman for the BBC and National Geographic, James Aldred spends his working life high up in trees, poised to capture key moments in the lives of wild animals and birds. Aldred’s climbs take him to the most incredible and majestic trees in existence. In Borneo, home to the tallest tropical rain forest on the planet, just getting a rope up into the 250-foot-tall trees is a challenge. In Venezuela, even body armor isn’t guaranteed protection against the razor-sharp talons of a nesting Harpy Eagle. In Australia, the peace of being lulled to sleep in a hammock twenty-five stories above the ground- after a grueling day of climbing and filming-is broken by a midnight storm that threatens to topple the tree.

In this vivid account of memorable trees he has climbed (“Goliath,” “Apollo,” “Roaring Meg”), Aldred blends incredible stories of his adventures in the branches with a fascination for the majesty of trees to show us the joy of rising-literally-above the daily grind, up into the canopy of the forest. Show more Show less aafcdcbd2dc584d288570cee5a7ef048  Size: (21.55 MB)         

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