The Memory Code by way of Lynne Kelly (.M4B)

The Memory Code: The Traditional Aboriginal Memory Technique That Unlocks the Secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and Ancient Monuments the World Over by way of Lynne Kelly
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Overview: In the previous the elders had encyclopaedic reminiscences. They may just identify the entire animals and crops around the panorama and the celebs within the sky, too. Yet maximum folks combat to memorise greater than a brief poem.
Using conventional Aboriginal Australian songlines as the important thing, Lynne Kelly has known the tough reminiscence methodology utilized by indigenous other people world wide. She has came upon that this historic reminiscence methodology is the name of the game at the back of the nice stone monuments like Stonehenge, that have for goodbye confused archaeologists.
The stone circles throughout Britain and Northern Europe, the flowery stone properties of New Mexico, large animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island all function among the best reminiscence device ever invented by way of people. They allowed other people in nonliterate cultures to memorise the huge quantities of sensible data they had to live to tell the tale.
In her attention-grabbing audiobook, The Memory Code, Lynne Kelly presentations us how we will be able to use this historic option to teach our reminiscences these days.
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