The Missing Crimoire

The Missing Crimoire Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Date: 2016-02-12
ISBN-10: 1517402360
ISBN-13: 9781517402365
Language: English
Pages: 300
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Twelve-year-old Luke Cedrus lives in the most un-magical place (an adoption ward), under the authority of the most un-magical person (Mrs. Hall), believing only un-magical things happen to him (detention). Until one night, Luke discovers he is anything but un-magical. He is a keeper of magic. The one thing Luke wants in life? Family. With his new magical powers, he’s convinced he can have just that.
Or can he?
Immediately, life flips upside-down as in one night, he must escape from the ward to save his life and learns that his mother is dead and his father is wanted for the murder of a powerful keeper.
Now, engulfed by his new magical surroundings, Luke faces ridicule and ultimate danger for the actions of his father. Plus, after discovering an evil keeper’s secret plot to dominate keepers everywhere, Luke is thrust into an adventure well beyond his years.
It’ll take the help of his new friends, magical key, and sheer belief in himself to tackle the terrors facing the keeper world. And discover what family truly means. Show more Show less e034e2412eccc5ea53883310b1f4f74a] Size: (707.00 KB) [/code]File name: The Missing Crim.rar File size: 707.00 KB