The NLP Master Practitioner Manual

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual
Publisher: CGW Publishing
Date: 2017-01-10
ISBN-10: 1908293217
ISBN-13: 9781908293213
Language: English
Pages: 500
Added: 2018-05-13 12:22:03

Much of today’s NLP training presents Master Practitioner level as simply containing bigger, more complex, more scripted techniques than Practitioner level, but this is a misconception, and a great disservice to anyone studying in this field of personal development. In fact, being a Master Practitioner isn’t about techniques at all, it’s about letting go of techniques altogether and getting to grips with the very foundation of NLP itself – modelling excellence. Modelling is the method behind every NLP technique, and by understanding how to extract and replicate the mental processes of excellence, you will transcend everything that you have learned at Practitioner level – and more. The NLP Master Practitioner Manual will show you how to: Break down any NLP technique and adapt it effortlessly to any situation, even in everyday conversation Extract the innate talents of high performers in any field and replicate those talents Learn how to create coaching and training programs that install high performance models of excellence in your learners Show more Show less cf7fe845c6f669cd1a804f9d1f927f44 Size: (7.40 MB) File name: 1908293217.pdf File size: 7.40 MB