The Not-So-Secret Service by Vincent Michael Palamara

The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination to the Reagan Era by Vincent Michael Palamara
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Overview: While there haven’t been many Secret Service related books about U.S. presidents, the ones still in print (and even those long out of print) are often sanitized memoirs of a politically correct nature or "tell-all" tabloid historical junk meant merely for entertainment purposes. The Not-So-Secret Service provides the facts with the bark off, so to speak, and reveals politically incorrect information of a decidedly unsafe nature. It may be controversial and against the grain, but this book is heavily documented and timely, as the Secret Service guards our political candidates, foreign dignitaries, and, of course, the President, the first family and the ex-presidents and their families.
Genre: Non-Fiction, History

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