The Numerology Handbook: Uncover your Destiny and Manifest Your…

The Numerology Handbook: Uncover your Destiny and Manifest Your Future with the Power of Numbers
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Date: 2019-01-22
ISBN-10: 1592338747
ISBN-13: 9781592338740
Language: English
Pages: 176
Added: 2019-02-01 11:26:11

Crack the codes to success in money, love, home, and career by unlocking the secrets of the numbers in your daily life. 

Numbers are everywhere in our everyday lives-our addresses, bank accounts, birthdays, anniversaries. Even the letters in your name reduce to a numerical formula. These series of numbers all contain codes as to where you can find fortune and cycles of opportunity in your career, home, relationships, and life events. You can even use numbers to determine your soul’s purpose.

The Numerology Handbook enables you to quickly decipher numerical codes and patterns to forecast outcomes and take advantage of opportunities. Once you understand the significance of numbers, you’ll be able to select the most opportune dates and corresponding numerical formulas when buying a home, launching a business, or planning an important event.

This fascinating and portable guide helps you learn what messages the numbers in your life hold. The Numerology Handbook is the codex to break the codes. Show more Show less e1721b403b28bb183cdf62a6830e3af3

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