The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary American Plays: Volume One

The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary American Plays: Volume One
Publisher: Oberon Books
Date: 2012-10-23
ISBN-10: 1849431531
ISBN-13: 9781849431538
Language: English
Pages: 400
Added: 2018-08-19 22:02:03

This new volume brings together plays from four of the best young artists on the contemporary American playwriting scene. Includes: Kin by Bathsheba Doran, Middletown by Will Eno, Completeness by Itamar Moses, and God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz, with introductions written by Christopher Durang, Gordon Lish, Doug Wright, and Edward Albee.

"The the four plays in this volume [are] fresh, original and distinctive. Each is verbally deft, and delights in language and its power to entertain, disturb, and just plain dazzle. Each is about human connection – the pain and the difficulty of human connection. And each of these four plays is hopeful, and ultimately optimistic [.] four wonderful plays by four writers with bright pasts and bright futures. The United States is in a golden age of American playwriting – whether we acknowledge it or not – and the four talented writers in this volume strongly attest to that." – AndrĂ© Bishop (from his Introduction)
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