The Oxford Dictionary Of Current English (2nd …

The Oxford Dictionary Of Current English (2nd Edition)

This is a completely revised and updated edition of a popular and best-selling dictionary. It is the most authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date dictionary of its size available, one specially designed to be quickly and easily used in everyday life. Offering over 65,000 concise and readable entries&ndash 10,000 new to the second edition&ndash The Oxford Dictionary of Current English gives over 75,000 definitions, and provides usage notes that reflect the very latest patterns in the way English is both written and spoken. Completely up-to-date, the dictionary includes new words such as ageism, crop circle, ecu, karaoke, and peace dividend. In addition, there is spelling help for irregular forms, many example sentences, and unabbreviated, easy-to-follow etymologies. The new edition also now lists compound words as main headwords, and clearly divides word senses, making it more accessible than ever. For business people, writers, students, and anyone who wants to use English correctly and effectively, The Oxford Dictionary of Current English is an indispensable reference tool.

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