The Oxford Handbook of Memory (Oxford Handbook Series)

The Oxford Handbook of Memory (Oxford Handbook Series)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 2005-05-05
ISBN-10: 0195182006
ISBN-13: 9780195182002
Language: English
Pages: 720
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The strengths and weaknesses of human memory have fascinated people for hundreds of years, so it is not surprising that memory research has remained one of the most flourishing areas in science. During the last decade, however, a genuine science of memory has emerged, resulting in research and theories that are rich, complex, and far reaching in their implications. Endel Tulving and Fergus Craik, both leaders in memory research, have created this highly accessible guide to their field. In each chapter, eminent researchers provide insights into their particular areas of expertise in memory research. Together, the chapters in this handbook lay out the theories and presents the evidence on which they are based, highlights the important new discoveries, and defines their consequences for professionals and students in psychology, neuroscience, clinical medicine, law, and engineering.
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