The Philippines in your Kitchen by Angel Burns

The Philippines in your Kitchen: The Tagalog Food Catalog by Angel Burns
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Overview: Do you consider yourself adventurous and like to try out food from other countries. How about the Philippines, would you like to be proficient in cooking dishes Tagalog recipes from this culture-rich country?

Food from the Philippines combines a variety of flavors and methods with influence from other countries like Japan, China, and Spain. So there is no doubt that the food options are rich in everything you could think of – taste and a bit of history.

Now, if you would like to feature Tagalog meals in your home, this cookbook is a good place to start. It contains 30 Filipino recipes you will have the greatest fun in trying out. These recipes include dishes for every meal time, so you have something different for every meal in a day.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Food & Drink

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