The Potluck Cookbook You Need by Barbara Riddle

The Potluck Cookbook You Need: Make Get-Togethers Delicious by Barbara Riddle
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Overview: What could be better than getting together with friends over delicious food? That’s what potlucks are all about. While you get the opportunity to sample other people’s recipes, you also hope that your dish is the first to disappear.The recipes in The Potluck Cookbook You Need are guaranteed to please while you modestly bask in all the praise. Besides cooking the food, transporting your dish can be tricky. In this Potluck Cookbook You Need, we’ve divided the meals into the various logical containers, such as a casserole or slow cooker, etc. This Potluck Cookbook You Need also provides suggestions on how to prevent overcooking, especially when it comes to seafood. Potluck food can be anything from snacks, dips, salads, casseroles, entrees, and desserts. The recipes in The Potluck Cookbook You Need are sure to get you noticed.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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