The Potter’s Promise by Leighton Flowers (.AZW3)

The Potter’s Promise: A Biblical Protection of Conventional Soteriology through Leighton Plant life
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Review: A former Calvinistic Reformed Baptist minister and now Director of Apologetics and Professor of Theology, recounts his theological adventure out and in of Calvinism. In so doing, Dr. Plant life’ units out to assist his readers perceive a non-Calvinistic “Conventional” Southern Baptist interpretation of probably the most quoted and relied upon chapters for protecting Calvinistic soteriology: Romans 8-9; Ephesians 1 and John 6.

"In The Potter’s Promise, Dr. Leighton Plant life finds, by the use of a refreshingly transparent and persuasive writing taste, the theological and philosophical arguments that pressured him to desert his prior to now held Calvinistic convictions. Whilst some Traditionalists generally tend to steer clear of sure Bible verses, Dr. Plant life tackles them fearlessly, striking them of their correct context in a fashion in line with everything of God’s Phrase. Calvinists have now and again been recognized to object to Conventional writers and thinkers through making the declare, “You simply do not perceive Calvinism.” Such a price leveled in opposition to Dr. Plant life rings hole. Having heard the entire arguments Calvinism has to supply, he nonetheless disaffirms it. Each Calvinist must learn this e-book to problem their pondering and imagine the opposite aspect. Each Traditionalist must learn this e-book to turn out to be higher supplied in protecting their very own view of salvation doctrine." -Dr. Rick Patrick, Govt Director of Attach 316 and Senior Pastor.
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