The Pressure Cooker Cookbook: How To Cook …

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook: How To Cook Quickly, Efficiently, Healthily, And Deliciously

Bring the pressure cooker back into the kitchen and learn to make delicious, nutritious family meals in half the time! No longer is the pressure cooker a relic of your grandmother’s kitchen. Today, this powerful pot has become one of the most essential cooking tools in America. In this hectic, fast-paced life, with many hungry mouths to feed, a fridge of hodgepodge ingredients, and too many rules on how to cook one’s food, the pressure cooker emerges as the answer to all unnecessary problems. With her expertise on practical living, Kate Rowinski puts together an indispensable cookbook with an introduction to the fundamentals of pressure cookingthe best equipment, how to use your tools, safety practices, and cooking time charts for different ingredientsfollowed by more than eighty recipes that feature the pressure cooker for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even all-day snacks. Learn to cook beloved meals in one-third to one-half the normal cooking time, such as: Southern-style grits and eggplant-amole Mini meatballs and risotto cakes Beer-b-que" pork and the perfect pot roast Pineapple bread pudding And much more! Reduce cooking time, retain more nutrients, maximize flavors, and minimize your electricity bill with your pressure cooker, the shortcut" and convenient one-pot method that will solve all your kitchen headaches. Who knew cooking could relieve so much pressure?