The Principles of Psychology, Vol. I by William James

The Principles of Psychology, Vol. I by William James
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Overview: First published in 1890, this book established psychology as a science and served as the quintessential work in the field for decades. James’ intricate studies and paradigm-shifting ideas transformed the way we look at human thought and action. The text covers the core concepts of what it means to be human – brain function, consciousness, discrimination, memory, sensation, imagination, reasoning, and instinct. Chapters on four central ideas – habit, stream of consciousness (stream of thought, as James put it), emotion, and will – remain the definitive treatments of the topics.
James’ work influenced all major branches of psychology that followed, including psychoanalysis, W├╝rzburg, gestalt, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and behavioral economics. No credible psychologist of the last hundred years fails to cite William James and the Principles of Psychology as a major influence.
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