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The Principles of Scientific Management [Audiobook]

The Principles of Scientific Management [Audiobook]

Frederick Winslow Taylor, Dmitrijs Kravcenko PhD (Narrator), "The Principles of Scientific Management"
English | ASIN: B07KY311LX | [email protected] kbps | ~04:02:00 | 114 MB

For the first time ever, this absolutely key text in management and organization studies is available on audio!
The Principles of Scientific Management by F.W. Taylor is a tremendously important book, the essence of which has had irreversible impact on the way we think about organized labour and management today. It is a product of many years of experimentation, uncertainty, and hard work, fused with thoroughly modernist ideals of a pedantic mind. This book is a culmination of Frederick Winslow Taylor’s career as, perhaps, the most famous management consultant. It stands on the shoulders of his previous examinations of the wage system and the operational characteristics of machine tools. In it, he recounts the four principles of scientific management, compares them to what he considers the most developed form of non-scientific management, and gives a number of examples and anecdotes to illustrate how the former is superior to the latter in every way and circumstance. This new edition, and the audiobook, feature a historical introduction from the creator of the Talking About Organizations podcast, which links the work with the trends in the digital economy and algorithmic management.


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