The Quest for Cosmic Justice

The Quest for Cosmic Justice
Publisher: Free Press
Date: 2002-02-05
ISBN-10: 0684864630
ISBN-13: 9780684864631
Language: English
Pages: 224
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This is not a comforting book — it is a book about disturbing issues that are urgently important today and enduringly critical for the future. It rejects both "merit" and historical redress as principles for guiding public policy. It shows how "peace" movements have led to war and to needless casualties in those wars. It argues that "equality" is neither right nor wrong, but meaningless.
The Quest for Cosmic Justice shows how confused conceptions of justice end up promoting injustice, how confused conceptions of equality end up promoting inequality, and how the tyranny of social visions prevents many people from confronting the actual consequences of their own beliefs and policies. Those consequences include the steady and dangerous erosion of the fundamental principles of freedom — and the quiet repeal of the American revolution. Show more Show less baf44140bba89752b7b61c76002e337f  Size: (2.05 MB)             

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