The Rabbit’s Hole by Brian Christopher Shea

The Rabbit’s Hole by Brian Christopher Shea
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 217 KB

Sometimes what goes down does not always come back.
Agent Cheryl Simmons of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has come to Austin, Texas. Simmons is known throughout the Bureau as a legend among their elite profilers. A career built on delving into the deeply twisted minds of murderers has forever changed her.
She’s devoted the better part of the last four years to tracking an unpredictable killer, who’s garnered the nickname The Ferryman.
For reasons unknown, the killer has targeted Special Agent Nick Lawrence. With Nick as bait, Simmons may finally have the upper hand.
As Nick’s world collapses around him, The Ferryman tightens his grip.
To catch a killer, Agents Lawrence and Simmons must slip into the darkness of The Ferryman’s mind.will you follow?

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