The Reaper Seal by Antony Davies

The Reaper Seal by Antony Davies (Lost Origins #2)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 747 KB

The secrets of the ancient world were kept secret for a reason.
During the invasion of Iraq, the Museum of Baghdad is looted and trashed. Amid the famous precious treasures stolen that day, a stash of Sumerian agricultural seals also vanishes. As if the looters know exactly what they are searching for.
In the tiny Eastern European nation of Striovia, the seals have resurfaced. But in trying to negotiate their return, Toby Smith – director of the Lost Origins Recovery Institute – is accused of spying, and swiftly imprisoned.
What, exactly, are they trying to hide?
The Lost Origins group turns to the only person reckless enough to help free Toby: freelance archaeologist Jules Sibeko.
With this young, highly skilled man at their side, they embark on a furious international adventure, following ancient stories from the permafrost of Eurasia to the cradle of North American civilization, and beyond . where they must unravel the secrets held by generations of Sumerians before Toby’s captors do.
Here, the promise of power through visionary and metaphysical knowledge will be fulfilled.

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