The Revolution Which Toppled the Umayyads: Neither Arab Nor…

The Revolution Which Toppled the Umayyads: Neither Arab Nor Abbasid (Islamic History and Civilization)
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
Date: 2003-08
ISBN-10: 9004129944
ISBN-13: 9789004129948
Language: English
Pages: 408
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This book re-examines the so-called ‘Abbasid revolution, the ethnic character of whose effective constituency has been contested for over eight decades. It also brings to question the authenticity of the ‘Abbasid dynastic claim. To establish its two theses (neither Arab nor ‘Abbasid) this book employs, in its three parts, three distinct methodological approaches.To reconstruct the secret history of the clandestine Organization, Part One elicits a narrative through a rigorous application of the historical-critical method. Part Two subjects to close textual analysis some prime-grade literary specimen. In Part Three, a purely quantitative approach is adopted to study the demographic character of the formal structures of leadership within the Organization. Show more Show less 625ac42e98ec87487b6874cff86a25d6  Size: (13.78 MB)   

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