The Right Measures (routledge Companions In Business, …

The Right Measures (routledge Companions In Business, Management, And Accounting)

Organizational measures are the foundational building blocks that shape an organizations vision and action. All too often however, these measures do not receive the attention they deserve. In addition, it is common for organizations to overact and measure too much, resulting in the same results as when you dont measure at alla lack of understanding, focus, and direction. The Right Measures: The Story of a Companys Journey to Find the True Indicators of Its Success and Values uses a compelling story to explain how using the right measures can make all the difference between success and failure in your organization. It follows the story of two companiesone that measures in great detail, yet its overall goals and objectives are not being achieved. While the other uses a much simpler, yet effective measurement structure that integrates cultural acceptance, individual performance, and team performance with key performance indicators (KPIs). Defines organizational measures and explains why companies use them Explains what different companies measure and how those measurements reflect organizational values Supplies the tools to make measurement a focus in your organization Illustrating how measures can impact employee behavior, bottom-line profitability, and customer satisfaction, this fast-paced business novel provides the understanding required to select the appropriate measures for your organizationmeasures that will motivate and guide your employees along the path to success. Using real-world examples, it supplies time-tested insights to help you establish the foundational structure needed to succeed in todays increasingly competitive global business environment. A website dedicated solely to the book can be found at: