The Rose Garden By Marita Conlon-McKenna [Audiobook]

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Molly O’Kelly’s perfect life comes crashing down following the death of her husband Simon. She is left alone with a big house to maintain, finances in disarray and with her hopes for happiness in a heap.

But Molly is a survivor. Despite objections from her two daughters to the sale of their family home, Molly decides to put beautiful Mossbawn House on the market and to move into the old gardener’s cottage in the grounds. She finds her self drawn to the old neglected and overgrown rose garden attached to the cottage and decides to restore it.

As Marnie begins to build a new life, the Rose Garden becomes a labour of love and Marnie is grateful to have something to keep her mind off the loneliness she feels. Will she ever find love and happiness again?

Duration: 10 hrs and 04 mins

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