The Routledge Drama Anthology and Sourcebook: From Modernism to…

The Routledge Drama Anthology and Sourcebook: From Modernism to Contemporary Performance
Publisher: Routledge
Date: 2010-09-27
ISBN-10: 0415466067
ISBN-13: 9780415466066
Language: English
Pages: 880
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The Routledge Drama Anthology and Sourcebook is a groundbreaking compilation of the key movements in the history of modern theatre, from the late Nineteenth Century to contemporary performance practice.
Each of the book’s five sections comprises a selection of plays and performance texts that define their period, reproduced in full and accompanied by key theoretical writings of performers and critics that inform and contextualise their reading. Substantial introductions from experts in the field also provide these sections with an overview of the works and their significance.
The works span :

  • Naturalism and Symbolism
  • The Historical Avant-Garde
  • Early Political Theatre
  • The Performance of Ideology
  • Contemporary Performance

This textbook provides an unprecedented collection of comprehensive resource materials which will facilitate in-depth critical analysis. It enables a dialogue between Chekhov, Strindberg, Lorca, Marinetti and Artaud, Brecht, Churchill, Fornes, Ravenhill and Gómez-Peňa, amongst many other key practitioners.
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