The Scariest Place in the World by James Brady +

The Scariest Place in the World: A Marine Returns to North Korea by James Brady
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Overview: Half a century after he fought there as a young lieutenant of Marines, James Brady (1928-2009) returns to the brooding Korean ridgelines and mountains to sound taps for a generation. It’s been fifteen years since Brady first wrote of Korea in The Coldest War, drawing raves from Walter Cronkite and The New York Times, which called it "a superb personal memoir of the way it was".

In the spring of 2003, Brady and Pulitzer Prize-winning combat photographer Eddie Adams flew in Black Hawk choppers and trekked the Demilitarized Zone where it meanders into North Korea, interviewing four-star generals and bunking in with tough U.S. recon troops–in Brady’s words, "raw meat on the point of a sharpened stick". Brady recalls that first time on bloody Hill 749, the men who died there, what happened to the Marines who lived to make it home, and experiences yet again the emotional pull of a lifelong love affair with the Corps in which they all served.
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