The School Called Marriage by Arputa Lal, Ramesh Bijlani

The School Called Marriage: How to Graduate with Flying Colours by Arputa Lal, Ramesh Bijlani
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Overview: How to Face the realities of life. At the beginning of married life, the romantic thrills it brings are alwaysoverestimated, the responsibilities underestimated, and the uncertainties ignoredaltogether. The realities of marriage shock every couple at one point or another. Yet,with all its problems, this institution is nowhere near extinction. A School CalledMarriage aims at buffering the inevitable reality-check and guiding you to the pathof mutual bliss. Starting with the significance of choosing the right partner, to dealing with life andall its issues after marriage, the book looks at the entire spectrum of intimacy,parenting, relationship with extended family, work-family balance, and much more.Enriched and illustrated by a large number of case studies, the book discussesdimensions and circumstances that are bound to make their way through thestrongest of marriages. Not left out are also some unconventional choices such aslifelong bachelorhood, live-in relationships, role of sex, divorce, and the struggle forpower and control in relationships. The authors – Dr Ramesh Bijlani and Dr Arpita Lal – a father-daughter team,bring to the book the wisdom culled from their extensive professional experience;the wisdom that is needed for turning marriage from a necessary evil into amutually enriching relationship.
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