The Science Of Effective Time Management: How To Start Doing Meaningful Things And Ignore Everything

The Science of Effective Time Management: How to Start Doing Meaningful Things and Ignore Everything Else [Audiobook]

English | 2018 | ASIN: B07LHCZ295 | [email protected] kbps | 6h 57m | 189.7 MB
Narrator: Charles Lindup

Time management is life management.
This is the audiobook summary in one sentence, written for busy people and all the professionals and entrepreneurs out there who want to move to the next level.
How much do you value your time? How much is your time worth in monetary terms and in emotional terms?
Tough questions, aren’t they? The audiobook exposes the faulty foundations that have been holding most of us back and debunks eight time-management myths that block you and the life of your dreams personally and professionally.
Forget all about the classical science and embrace the era of "quantum physics" where everything you do is related to everything else and each little thing is a small part of the bigger whole. Everything counts in quantum physics, thus every single activity you assign your time to counts, too.
People value their time differently. Watch out for people around you, as everybody treats their time differently. Therefore, we are constantly being negatively influenced on the subconscious level by our environment. This is exactly how you and I picked up all the negative beliefs about time, work, money, what you can, and what you can’t.
This audiobook pulls out the curtain and reveals the best time-management principles and success secrets that successful people I have studied use. It is not about productivity or tangible events like other time-management guides preach so miserably. Instead, the focus is on who you need to become so you can take charge of your time and your life. It shares anecdotes, experiments, research findings, tips, tricks, and ideas I have personally used and implemented into my own mental time-management systems, techniques, methods, and strategies so you can start to treat your time like a pro.
The simplicity of ideas presented here, together with actionable steps you can immediately execute, make this audiobook stand out from the crowd!

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