The Science of Love by Robin Dunbar

The Science of Love by Robin Dunbar
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Overview: Whether you live for Valentine’s Day or are the type to forget your wedding anniversary, love is, quite simply, part of being human. In The Science of Love, renowned evolutionary anthropologist Robin Dunbar uses the latest science to explore every aspect of human love. Why do we kiss? What evolutionary benefit could there be to feeling like you would die for your mate? If love exists to encourage child-bearing and child-rearing, why do we love until death do us part (and beyond)? Is parental love anything like romantic love? Dunbar explores everything science has discovered about romance, passion, sex, and commitment, answering these questions and more.
•Draws on the latest scientific research to examine the many aspects of love–passion, commitment, intimacy, hugging, kissing, monogamy, cheating, and more–and explain why we have evolved to behave as we do
•Filled with fascinating insights into specific human behaviors and experiences, from the European air kiss on both cheeks to the phenomenon of love at first sight
•Written by Robin Dunbar, a prominent anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist whose work have been featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point and many other books
Genre: Non-Fiction > General Psychology

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