The Search for Scott by Nicholas J. Forster

The Search for Scott by Nicholas J. Forster (Marine Space #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 265 KB

Scott and Brooke put off the feelings and tried to forget, abduction the elephant in the room neither acknowledged. A break-through was inevitable for the hard-working Marine Biologist. The Mother’s of Intention were not complacent to sit idle while multinationals and governments polluted the planet with impunity. But a silent threat remained. Was it PSTD from wormhole travel? A Hurantan Hangover from hurtling halfway-cross the Laniakea Supercluster? The shadow glides below, and long it lurked, rising to the top of a global consortium. A hidden evil, chromosomes hiding the secret, ready to unleash destiny, dark and evil, from another galaxy. Scott Blake, the impulsive surfer and intrepid biologist is once again thrust in the vanguard as defender of Earth. Though his success with the Peterplankton could help rid the world of ocean plastic, he is faced with darker challenges. He has to find the courage to be who he was meant to be, and risk everything to stop the evil Eigor Gutt. The Search for Scott takes a dark direction as the reach of evil ensnares the globe, and Scott and his team of Galaxial heroes must give all or die trying.

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