The Secret Life of Decisions: How Unconscious Bias Subverts Your…

The Secret Life of Decisions: How Unconscious Bias Subverts Your Judgement
Publisher: Gower Pub Co
Date: 2013-01-28
ISBN-10: 1409453278
ISBN-13: 9781409453277
Language: English
Pages: 203
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Making decisions is a critical part of every executive’s job. However we know so little about the often subliminal processes that shape the decisions we make. The Secret Life of Decisions exposes the unchallenged myths and distortions that impact our reasoning ability, raising our awareness of the many traps we can fall into. The authors have drawn from decades of work with leaders showing that even the most talented leaders and teams can end up making sub-optimal decisions. This is rarely because they had poor critical thinking faculties but rather because they did not pay enough attention to the often invisible traps hardwired into our thinking processes, letting through only information that conforms with our current beliefs, mental models and expectations. This leaves many leaders and businesses exposed.Rather than being the rational output of our reasoning abilities, the authors show decision making to be a highly imprecise process. As decision makers we come to the table armed with our own perspectives, preferences, filters, heuristics and biases, influenced by a broad range of social influences many operating subliminally.The Secret Life of Decisions is an essential read for developing and seasoned executives who have to work through increasingly complex and high stakes decisions. It treats choosing wisely and the thinking involved as a skill, which as with many other skills, can be improved with the guided practice and supporting tools provided here. The journey however starts with awareness that comes from outing the ‘secret’ forces that can sabotage the quality of our decisions. Show more Show less 5771c7f76459e38d0296e7bad72a1d4a  Size: (2.85 MB)   

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