The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships

The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing
Date: 2018-10-22
ISBN-10: 193828982X
ISBN-13: 9781938289828
Language: English
Pages: 272
Added: 2018-10-05 16:46:02

Relationships: An Integral Part of the Human Experience
As humans, most of us yearn for fulfilling relationships. They provide unlimited ways for us to learn, grow, thrive, and have fun!
Yet, as we know, relationships aren’t always a "bed of roses"–especially romantic ones. They don’t make themselves, nor do they continue happily on autopilot once they begin.
In this one-of-a-kind book, bestselling authors don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. and HeatherAsh Amara share their seven secrets to healthy, happy relationships:

  • Commitment
  • Freedom
  • Awareness
  • Healing
  • Joy
  • Communication
  • Release

Understanding and enacting these principles can help you at any stage in your intimate partnering, whether you’ve been with someone for many years or are currently single and want to prepare for a relationship.
The authors make clear that the principles in this book aren’t secrets because they are hidden away, but are more akin to undiscovered focal points that can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections.
Part of the secret, as you will see, is in the art of putting these ideas into practice day after day and year after year.
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