The Snail Cookbook: Snail Recipes From Both …

The Snail Cookbook: Snail Recipes From Both Sides Of The Pyrenees

‘The Snail Cookbook’ gives the complete ‘how to’ of snail cookery: the entire process. That is, all the necessary information on collecting, fasting, cleaning and cooking snails. Nothing is left out, it tells all the husbandry advice and recipes, along with their accompanying sauces, mayonnaises, alioli and butter based fillings. This know-how will arm adventurous cooks and gardeners with all they need to know before taking the culinary step. The recipes, many of them for the common British garden snail – Helix Aspersa – come from both sides of the Pyrenees. Each recipe has been tried and tested by the author and each one written about from first hand experience. The instructions are clear and unambiguous, and the photography accurately shows how the end result should appear.

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