The Snow Globe [Audiobook]

The Snow Globe [Audiobook] by Joseph P. Moris, Marisa P. Moris
English | May 15th, 2018 | ASIN: B07CRRNKDT, ISBN: 1538548070 | [email protected] kbps | 1 hr 59 mins | 54.92 MB
Narrator: Joseph P. Moris

In this simple audio guide, you will learn to use the snow globe as a daily exercise to manifest the life of your dreams.

Clairvoyant medium and spiritual intuitive Marisa Moris has been using this simple technique for over eight years now, and it has been proven time after time with students, friends, family, as well as in her own life that using the snow globe will give you the ability to see energy. Communicate with your inner guidance system safely through this super-easy, protected visualization technique.

The guides ability to keep things simple along with Joe’s very down-to-earth questions about relationships, career, and how to live a happy life free from other people’s negative energy make this guide a very fun yet educational listen. The audio guide takes one to two hours to listen to.

Check out this little audio guide, it will change your life forever!