The Soap Making Companion by Jennifer Tynan +

The Soap Making Companion: Guide For Beginners by Jennifer Tynan
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Overview: The Soap Making Companion is meant to accompany the Thermal Mermaid Artisan Soap Maker’s Course found at the Thermal Mermaid website for anyone who is interesting in learning the basics of Artisan Soap Making. Each lesson in this book corresponds to a matching video tutorial and is meant to enrich the course experience with supplementary material. The images found in this book are the completed recipes with each associated chapter.

This book is for the absolute beginner. You do not need any prior experience in soap making to begin this tutorial, and you can have immediate access to the sister course referred to in this book.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

Lesson 1 : Learn the bare basics. There is an explanation of the chemistry of soap and process of saponification. Learn to work with lye and the safety precautions needed to create your products in a safe environment including, storing, handling, and basic first aid for chemical burns. Learn how to make soap with just three simple ingredients.

Lesson 2: Learn the Cold Process technique. This lesson comes with one base recipe and 6 different techniques with different additives and methods for completely different designed all using the cold process method. This lesson also expands your soaping vocabulary by covering some basic concepts and definitions.

Lesson 3: Learn the Hot Process Technique with three different methods and one base recipe. Use this base recipe to learn to cook soap and change the rate of curing your work for faster sale or gifts.

This beginners experience will teach you everything you need to know to safely make soap in your home and become an experienced soap maker.

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