The Soils Of Georgia (world Soils Book …

The Soils Of Georgia (world Soils Book Series)

This book provides an extensive overview of the diversity of soils in Georgia. It highlights the soil-forming environment (climate, geology, geomorphology), the characterization of the physical, chemical and morphological (macro-, micro-) properties of soils, the history of soil research in Georgia, and the geographic distribution of different soil types. In addition to describing the soil cover, the book also zones and classifies the soils. Past and current land use issues, ecological properties and implications of soils, and many other aspects are elaborated on special attention is paid to anthropogenic soil degradation due to the contamination and erosion of soils in Georgia. This comprehensive and richly illustrated book, which includes a wealth of pictures and soil maps, offers an essential field guide for soil scientists, geographers and researchers in related areas.

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