The Stalking of Louise Copperfield by Robert W Fisk

The Stalking of Louise Copperfield by Robert W Fisk
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 654 KB

The two central characters, Louise Copperfield and Charlotte Hoar, are connected by the same man, their high school teacher David Bannister. As adults, they react in different ways to their experience; one with emotional difficulties for which she blames herself and the other with feelings of worthlessness.

Louise’s husband Frank wagers Stuart Larcombe cannot seduce Louise at a company party, while Charlotte seeks vengeance for imagined injustices. Louise’s husband, Frank, is lured into fraudulent practices that could see him in prison if Louise tells the authorities. Then Louise and Frank separate and Louise is in danger.Stuart Larcombe has a history that he does not want exposed.
When Louise threatens both Larcombe and Bannister with exposure for their sexual abuse,she becomes becomes a target for murder.

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