The Turks by Erol I. Yorulmazoglu

The Turks: The Central Asian Civilization That Bridged the East and The West for Over Two Millennia by Erol I. Yorulmazoglu
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Overview: The Turks is a breathtaking look at the history of the Turkish people and the land from which they originate. Rich and welcoming, this is a book that brings the past into the present and invites you to feel the breeze rise off the Bosporus.

As the author-an expert in the field of Turkish history and a former teacher at Chicago’s Turkish American School-welcomes you into the intricate and complex evolution of the Turkish language, you begin to grasp the extensive ways these people have influenced the world.

The Turks touched multiple continents throughout history. This book encourages you to walk in their footsteps and learn surprising facts along the way. Did you know, for example, that the Turks introduced horseback-riding stirrups to Europe?

Based on deep research and vision, The Turks incorporates the ideas of esteemed scholars to achieve greater depth of understanding of this extraordinary group of people. Along with the extensive reference resource list, The Turks contains a wealth of information.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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