The Twilight Zone FAQ by Dave Thompson

The Twilight Zone FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Fifth Dimension and Beyond by Dave Thompson
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Overview: The Twilight Zone is among the most beloved shows in American television history a pioneering fantasy behemoth that bridged the cultural gap between the 1950s and 1960s with thought-provoking mystery mind-boggling theorems and occasionally outright horror. The Twilight Zone FAQ takesthe reader back to that halcyon era looking back on the show and its impact as a force for societal change via reflections on the manifold topics and controversies that the show took on from the space race to the Red Menace from paranoia to madness and beyond.
Dave Thompson traces the history of the show from its earliest flowering in the mind of then-unknown Rod Serling through its slow birth shaky beginning and breathless five-season run and he shows how it became the blueprint for so much of the fantasy television that has followed. Chapters deal with the comic books novels and many other spin-offs including the movie the TV revamps and even the amusement park ride. In addition this FAQ offers a full guide to every episode providing details on the cast and music and pinpointing both the best and the worst of the series all adding up to a brightly opinionated time machine that catapults the reader back to the true golden age of American television.
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