The Twilight Zone – Radio Drama Series (2002)


Suspense master Rod Serling’s Emmy-award winning series The Twilight Zone is a remarkable radio show! Hosted by Stacy Keach, each radio drama is based on Rod Serling’s scripts from the original Twilight Zone series, and are slightly expanded and updated to reflect contemporary technology and trends (e.g., the mention of "cell phones" and "CD-ROMs" which, of course, weren’t around when the television show aired in the 1960s). Featuring today’s top stars, performing a thrilling Twilight Zone radio drama. The list of stars featured on the show includes Jane Seymour, Chris McDonald, Jason Alexander, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ed Begley Jr., Luke Perry, John Schneider, Jim Caviezel, Kate Jackson, Bruno Kirby, Blair Underwood, and many more.

Volume 1:
A Kind of Stopwatch
A Stop at Willoughby
Mr Dingle, The Strong
Night of the Meek
Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
The After Hours
The Lateness of the Hour
The Lonely
The Man in the Bottle
The Thirty & Fathom Grave

Volume 2:
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain
Back There
Escape Clause
Four O’Clock
Mr Garrity and the Graves
Nervous Man in A Four Dollar Room
The Bard
The Obsolete Man
Uncle Simon

Volume 3:
A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
A Most Unusual Camera
One For The Angels
The Fear
The Midnight Sun
The Parallel
The Passersby
The Rip Van Winkle Caper
Walking Distance

Various Episodes:
Cavender is Coming
In Search of an Exit
Long Distance Call
No Time Like the Past
Ring-a-ding Girl
Still Valley

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