The U.S. Army in the World War I by Center of Military History

The U.S. Army in the World War I Era by Center of Military History
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Overview: The U.S. Army in the World War I Era is part of the U.S. Army Campaigns of World War I series. Drawn largely from CMH’s two-volume textbook, American Military History, the pamphlet provides an overview of the decades leading up to the United States joining the World War, and its experiences during the eighteen months of the nation’s involvement in the war. The conflict capped a period of reform and professionalization that transformed the Army from a small dispersed organization rooted in constabulary operations to a modern industrialized fighting force capable of global reach and impact. The more than four million Americans who served during the war, half of whom deployed overseas, helped create the modern U.S. Army. This pamphlet is intended to honor their service and to help the members of today’s Army to connect with an important element of its past.
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