The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Minecraft Pro! (2019)

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Minecraft Pro! (2019)
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Duration: 30 mins | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn everything you need to know to become a Minecraft Pro!

What you’ll learn

All students will be able to craft, mine, smelt, hunt for food, farm for your own food, destroy enemies, brew potions, enchant items, visit the end and the nether, use cheat codes to change the gamemode (sshhh, don’t tell anyone!) and access servers to play online!
Know everything they need to, to prosper on Minecraft!
Be able to tell your friends you are better than them at Minecraft!
Be able to play Minecraft with your buddies!
Be able to accommodate your children while they’re playing Minecraft!
All students who complete the course will get a Certificate of Completion!


A Working Computer/Laptop/Mobile Phone
A Will to Learn!
You Don’t Need to Know Anything About Minecraft Beforehand!


This is mine and Ben’s course, named ‘The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft’.

This course will consist of many lectures on everything you could possibly need to know about Minecraft, from it’s history to easter eggs, you will learn skills, context and things you can do to have more fun!

The target audience for this course is literally anyone. The language used in this course isn’t too basic or too advanced, and the things we cover are pretty straight forward. If you have already played Minecraft before still feel free to take this course, however some elements you might already know. It’s your call, review the course curriculum and decide wether this course could be useful

People of all ages are welcome to enroll, our videos are family friendly and can be watched by kids any age.

We have spent many, many hours on this course and hope all of our information is passed to you crystal clear. Our approach to this course has been clarity, with our number 1 rule to ourselves being – MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR. This is why we believe our course will provide you with all of the key information, and you will 100% understand.

Editing by Franco Crean

Scripts, Filming and Course created by Franco Crean and Benjamin Spacey

Who this course is for:

Absolutely anyone interested in Minecraft!
Beginners on Minecraft
People Who Enjoy Playing Games!
Anyone Who Wants to Enhance their Minecraft Skills!
Parents wanting to play with their children
Children can complete this course independantly

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