The Underdog Edge by Amy Showalter

The Underdog Edge: How Ordinary People Change the Minds of the Powerful . . . and Live to Tell About It by Amy Showalter
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Overview: A prominent consultant reveals secrets to help you influence and persuade others-even when you aren’t in a position of power.

We all have occasions in which we want or need to persuade someone of greater clout, prestige, or authority to see things our way. There are books that show how to effect change from a leadership position or how to work with peers within your own organization-but what can you do when you need to exert “upward influence” with decision makers who can help you achieve your goals?

In this book, a popular speaker and successful consultant with expertise in grassroots efforts shows which tactics are most successful when you’re the underdog. She also shares real-world stories of everyday people who have achieved persuasion success in politics and business with someone up the food chain, the peer-reviewed science behind their success-as well as insights from those whose minds they changed.
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