The Vatican’s Mafia

Author(s): R.R. Guillen

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This is Monsenor Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Guillen’s shocking book "The Vatican’s Mafia" (2003) which affirms that there exists a more dangerous sacred Mafia in the Vatican than both the Sicilian and New York Mafias combined. This may appear monstrous or as an invention of an atheist or hardcore enemy of the Catholic Church, above all when the person saying it is an unexcommunicated Monsignor and Vaticanist priest who still has his canonical licenses. We have forever been taught that the clandestine organization of wicked criminals who meet in secret to weave traps and strategies for assassinations, and whose terroristic results kidnappings, assassinations, murders, fraudulent thefts, drug dealings, money launderings is an irreligious Mafia without a criminal conscience. But the truth is that the most Satanic and dangerous Mafia of all, which resides in the Vatican, is hidden from us: Rome’s aristocratic and sacrilegious Mafia. History has singled out many famous criminals such as Al Capone, these untouchables appear in movies, and many voluminous books have been written which always associate these Mafias and their thugs with the sacred Mafia of the Vatican. The Vatican’s sacred Mafia is united to the International Mafia, and her diplomatic members could be exempt from civil laws. They are considered to be members of the state of the Vatican, and their credentials as ambassadors make it easier for them to avoid incarceration or being brought before civil courts. Their diplomatic passports protect and back them. Reliable writers have documented it. Thus Manual Buendia (of Mexico) describes in his archives and dossier titled "The clergy" how the Catholic Church’s religious orders the Opus Dei, Jesuits, Legionarios of Christ, and the two thousand or so existing orders within the Catholic Church, dependents of the Vatican or of the Party of National Catholicism are all Roman legions more harmful and dangerous than the worst group of Mafias on earth. The Vatican’s Mafia demonstrates how the Mafia of the Vatican, its cardinals and parishes are connected with the Italian Mafia and New York. It also shows how they poisoned pope John Paul I and exposes pope John Paul II’s catholic drug trafficking. 120 pages. A must read for everyone.
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