The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life With Venus

Author(s): Arielle Guttman, Catherine Boyer

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Based on the ground-breaking book from 2011 (Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century) this e-book The Venus Star Point: Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life with Venus provides readers with a simple, easy to use tool called The Venus Star Point which identifies personal talents, ones unique creative expression and answers some essential questions about how we are connected to our most special relationships. This electronic version of the material contained in Venus Star Rising is simple and straight to the point. This edition eliminates much of the technical detail contained in the print copy so that it is easy for the reader to access the material. The material is what is your personal Venus Star Point and what does that mean in your life? Further, how does your personal Venus Star Point match up with the other people in your life? Finally, tracking the cycles of the planet Venus, this volume underscores many of the historical events that correlated with various phases of Venus’s passage through particular regions of the zodiac. The easy-to-use Table of Venus Star dates at the front of the book is a handy tool to have on any portable device or reader, allowing the user to quickly look up someone’s Venus Star Point on the spot. Links are then provided to different signs and sign combinations i.e. The Gemini Star Point and The Aries/Gemini Relationship, etc. The reader will then be able to quickly link to other VSPs (Venus Star Points) with the Celebrity List of VSPs that is furnished with each chapter. If you have consulted astrology before, you were likely finding the descriptions to be based on the sign you were born under (your Sun sign). In this book, you will discover new material, based on the position of Venus and the orbiting Star of Venus. This is an entirely different perspective, coming from and based on the planet/goddess that is associated with love, relationship, comfort, harmony, beauty, talent, pleasure, art and music. Indeed, your Venus Star Point identifies your natural talents, how to achieve success in those areas and how to resonate more fully with the planet that brings such harmony into our world.
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