The Weekend Woodworker, Annual 1993 by Editors of Rodale Books

The Weekend Woodworker, Annual 1993: Projects for the Home Craftsman by Editors of Rodale Books
Requirements: .PDF reader, 112 MB
Overview: Inside this book, you’ll find 40 new projects to fill your evenings and weekends with the pleasures of woodworking. Each one has been carefully selected for the home craftsman. Each one is easy enough to be completed in a short time, many in just a day or an evening. And each one can be completed with the tools commonly found in home workshops. The instructions are clear and concise to make your time in the shop enjoyable.

These 40 projects are bound to fit your taste. They include both traditional designs and clean, contemporary designs; practical designs and decorative designs; designs for indoors and designs for outdoors; designs for the kitchen the family room, the bedroom and the playroom
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

This book has everything you’ll need to do the job right, plus tips, hints, and suggestions to make the projects more pleasurable:

    > Large photos of the projects
    > Detailed cutting lists
    > Complete drawings, including exploded views and details
    > Numbered, step-by-step instructions
    > Highlighted shop tips
    > Separate instructions for special techniques

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