The Well-Adjusted Dog by Nicholas H. Dodman

The Well-Adjusted Dog by Nicholas H. Dodman
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Overview: One of the greatest myths in dog ownership is that once a puppy is housetrained and has graduated from a puppy training class, an owner’s work is done. In fact, that work is just beginning.Drawing on some twenty-five years of clinical experience, Dr.Dodman offers what he calls "continuing education" for dogs and their owners. You will discover:

• how much exercise your dog really needs (and why)
• how diet can affect behavior
• how to communicate clearly with your dog and understand dog body language
• how to lead your dog, not dominate him
• how to optimize your dog’s environment
• how to address medical problems that might underlie unwanted behavior

Dr.Dodman’s comprehensive, seven-step approach takes on the whole dog-his health, behavior, and environment-and lays the groundwork for the proper care and training of your best friend, for life.
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