The Witness by Davie J Toothill

The Witness by Davie J Toothill
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 380 KB

See nothing. Hear nothing. Say nothing.
Eleven witnesses see a teenage boy get shot dead on a metro platform late one stormy night in Mexico City. Three of them flee the scene before the police arrive. The others will soon wish that they had too.
Subinspector Felipe Mendoza Santos is put on the case, fresh from a recent promotion. He soon realises that the killer is associated with a violent cartel who are looking to make their mark on the capital of Mexico. With corruption, bribery and fear rife in the department and on the streets, charging the killer and bringing him to justice will be no easy task.
And when the witnesses start dying in suspicious circumstances, Felipe faces a race against time to save them.