The Wonder of Unicorns by Diana Cooper

The Wonder of Unicorns: Ascending with the Higher Angelic Realms, 2nd Edition by Diana Cooper
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 8.2 MB
Overview: A guide to engage with the majesty and wisdom of unicorn energy

• Reveals the role of unicorns in our soul evolvement today as well as in legends and myths and explains how they open our hearts, offer protection and support, and inspire us to choose actions for the highest benefit of all
• Provides many exercises, meditations, ceremonies, dream work practices, and games to help you consciously connect with your unicorn, raise your energetic level, and spiritually progress on your journey to enlightenment
• Shares anecdotes and real-life stories of people meeting unicorns and experiencing their energy

Fully of the angelic realms, unicorns live in the seventh dimension, the seventh heaven. These beautiful creatures are aspects of the divine, in the same way angels are. While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul and help you fulfill your pre-life contracts through their energy.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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