The World Crisis, Vol. 1 by Sir Winston Churchill (.M4B)

The World Crisis, Vol. 1: 1911-1914 by Sir Winston Churchill
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Overview: The first in a five-volume set of essential listening that examines the causes of the Great War.
This, the first in Sir Winston Churchill’s five-volume history examining the events and context leading up to the outbreak of World War I from a true insider’s point of view, is unsurpassed as both a historical and personal account of the earth-shaking events leading up to The Great War.
Churchill’s epic series begins in 1911, when Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty, and opens with a chilling description of the Agadir Crisis and an in-depth account of naval clashes in the Dardanelles – one of Churchill’s major military failures. It takes listeners from the fierce bloodshed of the Gallipoli campaign to the tragic sinking of the Lusitania and the tide-turning battles of Jutland and Verdun – as well as the USA’s entry into the combat theater.
Written in powerful prose by a great leader who would also go on to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature, and based on thousands of his own personal letters and memos, The World Crisis provides a perspective you won’t find anywhere else: a dynamic insider’s account of events that would shape the outcome of modern history.
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