The Wrong End of the Table via Ayser Salman

The Wrong End of the Table: A Mostly Comic Memoir of a Muslim Arab American Woman Just Trying to Fit in via Ayser Salman
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Overview: An Immigrant Love-Hate Story of What it Means to Be American

You know that feeling of being on the fallacious finish of the desk? Like you might be at a birthday party however the entire excellent stuff is occurring out of earshot (#FOMO)? That’s life-especially for an immigrant.

What occurs when a shy, awkward Arab lady with a peculiar identify and an unlucky propensity towards facial hair is uprooted from her relaxed (albeit fascist-regimed) fatherland of Iraq and thrust into the chilly, alien the town of Columbus, Ohio-with its Egg McMuffins, Barbie dolls, and youngsters enjoying physician in all places you grew to become?

This is Ayser Salman’s tale. First comes Emigration, then Naturalization, and in any case Assimilation-trying to slot in amongst her blonde-haired, blue-eyed opposite numbers, and at all times feeling omitted. On her adventure to Americanhood, Ayser sees extra bare butts at pre-kindergarten daycare that she would love, breaks certainly one of her oldsters’ regulations (“Thou shalt no longer take part as an actor within the college musical the place a male solid member rests his head in thy lap”), and different issues excellent Muslim Arab ladies aren’t meant to do. And, after the 9/11 assaults, she studies the isolation of being a Muslim in her personal nation. It takes hours of treatment, fifty-five rounds of electrolysis, and a few ill-advised romantic dalliances for Ayser to develop into a contemporary Arab American girl who embraces her cultural variations.

Part memoir and phase how-not-to information, The Wrong End of the Table is the entirety you sought after to learn about Arabs however have been afraid to invite, with chapters comparable to “Tattoos and Other National Security Risks,” “You Can’t Blame Everything on Your Period; Sometimes You’re Going to Be a Crazy Bitch: and Other Advice from Mom,” or even an open letter to Trump. This is the tale of each American outsider on a trail to search out themselves in a rustic of lovely range.
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