Thinking and Destiny by Harold Waldwin Percival

Thinking and Destiny: With a brief account of The Descent of Man into this Human World and how he will return to The Eternal Order of Progression by Harold Waldwin Percival
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Overview: Many have found Thinking and Destiny to be unlike anything they have previously read. The author introduces us to the true meaning and purpose of Man, the Universe and Beyond. Provocative in its vast and detailed subject matter, the information may at first startle, or even elicit skepticism – until its contents have been absorbed. The statements made in this book are not based on speculation, dogma or religious authority. It was Percival’s crucial experiences of the Presence of Consciousness as the Ultimate Reality that led to his ability to distill knowledge and truth from a process he called real thinking. Through this system of thinking he was able to provide sound answers to questions that heretofore have been considered by many to be unanswerable; such as, "Where did I come from?" and "Why am I here?" Mr. Percival stated that he was neither preacher nor teacher. He conveyed the information of which he was aware and left it to the individual to decide its veracity for him or herself. Thinking and Destiny is a guide for all humanity in a bewildering world. In print for over 70 years, this book is as relevant today as it will be for generations to come because the information is timeless and unaffected by prevalent thought. Reading this book may be one of your most profound and rewarding experiences.
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